Samantha CharbonneauMy therapeutic model is Solution Focused Brief Therapy. My clientele includes individuals, couples and families. I collaborate with clients - adults, children, and adolescents - to identify and develop their strengths, exploring and developing solutions to improve the quality of their lives. I work with a number of presenting therapeutic issues including: mental health issues (i.e., depression, anxiety, stress management, etc.), couples/marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, separation/divorce, blended family issues, parenting/co-parenting, employment/EAP, etc. I enjoy working with one participant or several participating members of a client's family/support system.

In addition to providing therapeutic services I am now offering Coaching services. In an effort to be educated and knowledgeable of the differences between Coaching and Therapy, I have completed a "Therapist as Coach" training to be clear and effective in separating the two services. Coaching is a learning/developmental model for a healthy client who desires a better situation and focuses on helping the client achieve life ambitions by exploring attainable goals. It is a natural transition for me being a Solution-Focused therapist. Along with Coaching, I am offering Matchmaking to coaching clients who are interested in more than a dating service. Please refer to my "Coaching/Matchmaking" page to learn more. For years as a therapist I have worked with so many nice people who have often asked if I "know" anyone who would be a "good fit" for them. As a Therapist I am not at liberty to make those connections but as a Coach I am.

Coaching is a non-clinical service, therefore there is no diagnosing. The coaching client has no identifiable impairment in functioning. Coaching is not therapy and is not reimbursable by insurance. If you are a coaching client and a mental health issue is identified during the coaching process, a referral will be provided as needed. I can not provide a dual or consecutive role as coach and as therapist. If you have been a therapy client with me in the past and become interested in coaching, you will need to contact me so that we may determine if the appropriate time has passed and there are no longer clinical issues that would prevent you from being a coaching client. Once you are coaching client, I will not be able to provide therapeutic services to you but will be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague as needed.

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